Wholsale Specialty Coffee

Tim Adams

Originally taking up a position in the coffee and hospitality industry by chance, Australian barista champion Tim Adams soon discovered that the humble cup of coffee was more than just a morning ritual for him; it was a passion.

Intrigued by the entire coffee journey from bean to cup, Tim set about honing his barista skills and immersing himself in all levels of the coffee-making and growing cycle.

After spending a few years in the industry, Tim’s spirited and determined nature drove him to enter a range of state, national and international barista competitions. In 2009, he claimed victory in the AustralAsian Specialty Coffee Association (AASCA) Queensland Barista Championship. Tim then went on to be crowned AASCA 2009 Australian Barista Champion, a coveted title that is recognised around the globe.

Tim has also represented Australia at the World Barista Championship in 2009 placing 13th and is widely recognised as a leader in the specialty coffee industry.

While Tim’s focus eventually moved to launching his own business and his own brand of specialty coffee, he still likes to challenge himself with the odd competition from time to time. In recent years he has reclaimed the 2010 AASCA Queensland Barista Champion title, 2012 AASCA Queensland Barista Champion title and been selected as a state finalist in ‘The Baristar’ competition held across Australia.

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